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BandRibbons: A distinctive, colorful award system used around the world since 1963.

Made in the USABandRibbons have proven to be an exceptional tool used to motivate and reward individuals and groups. With the variety of stock "military style" ribbons and the ability to customize, you can establish an award system that “custom fits” your needs.

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Reward Accomplishments

  • From participation to outstanding performance
  • Show your appreciation

Ribbon Price

  • $2.60 per ribbon without panels
  • $2.80 per ribbon with panels

Satisfaction Guaranteed



  • Group Names
  • Tour Destinations
  • Point/Level/Military Ranks
  • Academic Achievement
  • Special Appearances
  • Appreciation
  • Your Distinctive Award System


  • Decorate their achievements!
  • Reward their accomplishments!
  • Show your gratitude!

BandRibbons used by a variety of groups

  • Bands, Symphony Orchestras, Ensembles, Drum Corps, Choirs from traditional to fusion!
  • Church Groups
  • Civic Organizations
  • Clubs
  • Employers
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Security Groups
  • Fire Service
  • Medic Service
  • Disaster Relief
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